5 ish minute of curiosity

Assalamualaikum and hi
A guy : I....emm..I love you.
A woman : What? Wwwa what are you saying?
A guy : I love you. I love our relationship. I love what we have now.
A woman : But you are my bestfriend! No. I mean, you are my friend. My only friend. No. You are...                          (speechless)
A guy : Yes. I know you feel it. I feel you. I don't know. It is indefinable.
A woman : But you..
A guy : Yes. I'm getting married. I'm deeply in love with Angela but.. Okay. I want you to do something for me.
A woman : Anything.
A guy : Release me. Release me so that i can focus my love on Angela.
A woman : What do you mean?
A guy : Yaa. You give me a call then i'll be there for you. Yaaa..I...
A woman : I got it (tears coming)

movie apa yang complicated sangat ni hah *baling remote switch off the tv*
la-la-la-i-don't-want-to-know-your-ending, you complicated couple. huh
voice in my head : (apa yang diorang rasa eh? why la complicated sangat tu? love between bestfriend ke camne eh tu? aira, cakap tadi taknak tahu ending, ni kenapa keep on thinking ni?)
hey, itu love story! mesti lah nak tahu! typical me! :P
*switch on the tv but still. I don't know the ending sebab i tertidur --'

aira, you want to know the ending or not? if you want it betul-betul la! if you don't want to know why you act like you want to know but pretend that you don't want to know. i know what you want. yes,i know i don't really want to know but i want to know the ending and in the end  i don't know the ending. ngeheh

again! typical me! :P

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