absurd much?

Assalamualaikum and hi people.
emm where should i begin eh.ohya,only a week left before this semester break ends and i think i lost my passions on everything.i guess,you know yang i ni type yang easily get excited on something yang other people anggap macam 'hek eleh.benda ni je pun'.contohnya,ajak pergi pasar malam.serious i akan super duper excited lah nak ikut.then bila i nampak something yang i suka,i easily said 'woahhh' macam tu dengan muka yang tak boleh blah.i know,this thing looks idiot and childish but this is me.i'm happy with myself.disebabkan hal ini jugak,ramai yang suka ambil kesempatan dekat sy.you know bergurau berlebihan,pijak kepala and assume macam i ni nothing kot.no need to worry la.no need to watch out your words lah if with me.actually,deep inside i feel hurt and down to the earth.even benda macam tu i selalu macam 'takpelah kot?' but when the 'takpelah kot' tu overlap,err get the idea lah kan.
one more thing,bila hati kite over and over disakiti lama-lama hati tu jadi keras and berubah jadi macam orang lain.rawr!*cakar-cakar*
due to this situation,i macam dah tak ade semangat.siapa kenal sy,diorang mesti expect yang after sy log out dari blog ni,sy back to normal.hiperactive like woahh woahh segala bagai dengan tak reti duduk diam plus banyak cakap.lol.but this time i'm not.really and this is so pathetic.sorry to those yang sy layan dengan sarcastic.i feel bad but at the same time i don't know why.
lately,i got something that i really want.macam ni.sy teringin sangat nak pergi this one place.dah lama gila tunggu then sy dapat peluang untuk pergi situ.sy seronok gila tau.then after discuss with my parents,i can't.sy kena tolak peluang tu sebab masa dah suntuk.sy dah nak balik penang dah.uwaaa.i've plan something for my holiday also and that one pun delay.whattt??
no worries,i boleh join next time kot?
again,i always don't get what i feel like deserve.start from now,sy akan lebih productive.oh finally.sebab banyak benda nak settle.can't wait for tomorrow also cuz i'll get something from mail.can't wait!can't wait!
sy rasa entry kali ni sangatlah kucar kacir tunggang terbalik dan huru hara.aaaa
thats all for now i guess(lost my words actually at sudden.ohok)
here is my new pic for you guys.in case you forgot how i look like=P

people can be mean sometimes but hey,i'm cool with that.winkwink
last but not least,YOLO!live happily but don't forget Him.promise?:')

p/s : this is the real me.haa,shock tak?i selalu act macam maturity strikes!cehwah but i can't cuz i am.childish -.-
: mind my manglish too
: craving for red velvet,jajangmyun,ddeokbokki and even more.uih!

Best regards,